Steering Committee

Jackie Cooper

Credentials: Environmental Engineering - CoE

Position title: Lab Manager


I am the Lab Manager of the Environmental Engineering Laboratory (aka Environmental Engineering Core Facility – EECF) in the department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. I have bachelors degrees in Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology…

Christy Davidson

Credentials: Department of Soil Science - CALS

Position title: Senior Research Specialist


I am a Lab Manager in the Department of Soil Science, researching phosphorus recovery from municipal wastewater treatment plants in the form of brushite and nitrogen recovery by electrodialysis in the form of ammonium solutions,…

Kirsten Dennison

Credentials: Department of Oncology / McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research

Position title: Assistant Researcher


I manage a lab in the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research where we investigate the intersection of environmental and genetic risk factors for breast cancer. I have held research support positions at the University of…

Kyle Hanson

Credentials: Electrical and Computer Engineering - CoE

Position title: WEMPEC Researcher


I am the Lab Manager of the WEMPEC research laboratory in the department of Electrical Engineering. Interestingly, I currently works in the same lab where he was a research assistant while pursuing a masters in…

Nicole Schmidt

Credentials: Waisman Center / OVCRGE

Position title: Research Program Manager


I provide strategic leadership with interdisciplinary health research and training programs. Our research spans many topics that aim to understand and appreciate emotional individuality from infancy through early adulthood. I am responsible for organizational design and all aspects of the research enterprise including scientific collaborations, mentoring, data management, data sharing, compliance, and business functions. My hobbies include paddling, biking, trail running, and yoga.