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Community driven best practices for lab management professionals at UW-Madison. Communities of practice serve many purposes. Collaborate with colleagues who share similar challenges. Share your expertise. Join us to discuss ways to optimize lab and core success. This community is for anyone who is in a lab management role including research labs, core labs and instructional labs.

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  • CoP Membership Stats

    Our CoP membership is up to 191! I am updating our stats for sharing at some point… The greatest areas of increase were CALS (30%, 11 added), SMPH (27%, 17 added). Roughly 50 people joined …

  • Research Staff Professional Development Conference Survey

    Hopefully you participated in the Research Staff Professional Development Conference on 6/20/2018. We are continually improving and fine-tuning our programs to better serve your learning, development, and professional needs. One way we work to improve …

  • Q2 Culture Tips and Tricks

    Tips & Tricks Creating a Q2 Culture to Get Important Things Done Julie Wood, Educational Program Manager Wisconsin Small Business Development Center, May 17, 2018 What is one thing you could do differently that would …

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Reflections on a UW Research Career

January 17, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm