ChemManager+ Overview

ChemManager+ is the new system-wide chemical tracking and chemical purchasing tool to aid in safety and risk mitigation. This tool for managing chemicals – used by research, instructional, safety and risk staff – integrates with ShopUW+. Aaron McCoy provided an overview of the system with tips & tricks for Lab Managers using the punch out application.

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Purchasing for your Lab (Contracts and >$5,000 purchases)


By Janet Bresnahan and Sarah Martin

Presentation Video

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Lakeside Glove Pricing Effective August 1, 2022 (1)

The contract publication and pricing for the Lakeside Curative contract for gloves can be found at Towards the end of the page there is a link to the pricing. I am also attaching here.

Meeting Minutes

Courtesy of Jackie Cooper

2022_1214_Purchasing for your Lab over 5K


How to purchase lab stuff – Teams 5/25/2022

Here is the presentation from May 25, 2022 Teams meeting: How to Purchase Lab Stuff_05252022



(1) Non-Catalog Items: Tip sheet –


(2) How to find your ROLE in the ShopUW+ system:


(3) How to get rid of a Draft Cart: On the left side of the ShopUW+ window, click on the Shop icon -> My Carts and Orders -> View Carts (image a). Click on the Draft Carts tab (image b). Click the drop down arrow on the right hand side associated with your Draft Cart, and select Delete (image c).

(a)   (b)



(4) Non-Catalog items from Vendors in ShopUW+: (response from Janet Bresnahan, UW-Madison Procurement Manager)

“Not all items for a vendor are on every contract and generally only the contracted items would be on ShopUW+. This is the case with the MRO contracts, which Grainger is on. The awards were made to multiple vendors and not for everything in their catalog, e.g., one vendor may have been awarded electrical products and another plumbing products. If lab managers are not finding what they are looking for on the Grainger punch-out, they may want to look at the other MRO vendors and see if what they are looking for is available from them through ShopUW+.  Starting the search in “Shop” search at the top of the “Legacy View” or “Facilities View” may be a better place to shop rather than in a specific vendor’s punch-out. If you are experiencing issues with the same products over and over again not showing up as a catalog item it would be a good idea to contact the agent responsible for the contract. Sarah Martin manages both Staples and Grainger, so she would be a good one to address this issue with. For other contracts, please check the contract publications and contact the UW agent responsible for it. Please do contact DOA directly on their contacts. You could also check the Agent Commodity Assignments to see who handles a particular commodity.”


(5) Questions regarding Quartzy: (response from Janet Bresnahan, UW-Madison Procurement Manager)

“We do not support buying form Quartzy due to some issues we have had with products purchased from them, which is why they are not active in ShopUW+. We are hopeful that with ChemManager+ we will be able to move away from Quartzy for chemical inventory.”


(6) Is UW-Madison and/or UW-System saving money since the implementation of ShopUW+? (response from Janet Bresnahan, UW-Madison Procurement Manager)

“I have not seen any reports on this. If lab managers have issues with the system they should bring them up with their dean’s offices.”


(7) Capital Fabrications: (response from Janet Bresnahan, UW-Madison Procurement Manager)

“My recommendation is to put as much as possible on purchase orders, so they are easier to track. Purchasing does not have access to credit card spend and I am unsure if property control. To get the best answer please work with property control at 608-262-578 or”

Procure to Pay Feedback Session

We really appreciated the opportunity to meet with the Community of Practice this afternoon for an overview of the project! As promised, you’ll find the deck attached. The engagement was delightful—your group had some great questions!

P2P Lab Mgrs CoP Deck 9.24.20

Here’s the link again for anyone who would like to join the focus groups or testing:

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