Meeting Minutes from December Kick-off event

Suggested Topics for future meetings:

  • Tours of the Core labs generated quite a bit of interest, particularly the Sequencing Core
    • Seemed like about half the group raised their hands as interested in this kind of social event
  • Infrastructure Design/Support – FPM tricks and tips
  • Equipment Maintenance – Good ideas for planned maintenance tracking
  • Office 365 – someone was onboarding an employee who had great ideas for using Planner and might be interested in giving a presentation
  • Favorite Apps – pros and cons
  • Scheduling software
  • Onboarding
  • Ordering with particular interest in stock tracking/inventory systems
    • Additionally, tips for efficient ways of finding whether items are in-stock or vendors with stock
    • How to manage student project requests for large number of cases – more than typically are on-hand
  • Data Management
    • How to know/track if Data Management Plans are being followed
    • Suggestion by Steering committee to contact Tobin Magle Research Data Services
  • E-Notebooks
  • “Greening” of labs
    • Recycling flowcharts
    • Facilities
    • Custodial perspective
  • Intro to Grants Administration/UW Systems
  • Invoicing Systems that include tracking
    • No one seemed to know of any besides “homebrew” solutions

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