Professional Paths for Research Staff at UW-Madison – Sharon Blohowiak, Kyle Hanson, Lynn Haynes, and Laur Rivera

What did you learn as a result of this session?

  • I learned about the career trajectories
  • That researcher positions only need a masters degree (not just a doctorate).
  • I learned more about what direction a master’s and PhD would push someone towards.
  • I learned about how to approach my PI and gain more responsibilities. I learned about when a Masters and PhD are valuable and what options are available to me in my future as a research coordinator with UW Madison
  • Have a good PI is key.
  • that others are frustrated in their roles as researchers
  • I learned some about research jobs, paths (science) at UW
  • not much
  • That there are more options for career paths in research (did not know about Researcher job title)
  • I learned that many of my feelings and experiences have been shared by others.
  • I heard some fascinating stories…I am not currently in a research staff positions, & attending this session gave me a better insight into these positions

What information shared in the session would you like to learn more about?

  • I’d like to learn more about the technical requirements for career paths.
  • What career advancement looks like for a person who doesn’t want to go the managerial route.
  • I would like to learn more about specific degrees for specific positions – which are necessary? How much does experience REALLY count when applying to research jobs at the university?
  • More information about the path of a researcher.
  • I want to learn more about other types of research areas at UW.
  • better understanding of career tracks
  • How do you get into this career path if you are mid-level in experience (not wanting to start in a lab at entry level)
  • How to get my supervisor to set goals not only for the science we’re doing, but also for my career development

Was the presenter easy to understand and follow?

Yes – 11

No – 0

Will the presentation information and materials help you be more successful at work?

Yes – 6 (54.5%)

No – 2 (18.2%)

It was more like a venting session – 1 (9.1%)

Not relevant to my current work – 1 (9.1%)

N/A – (9.1%)

Based on your experience today, would you recommend this session to a friend?

Yes – 8 (72.7%)

No – 3 (27.3%)

Based on your experience today, would you attend another session by this speaker?

Yes – 7 (63.6%)

No – 4 (35.4%)

Additional comments regarding this session:

  • It was not clear from the title that this was not for PhD-level researchers. I wish I knew beforehand.
  • I enjoyed hearing from the panel. It would be nice to have definitive information on what is required for certain jobs/ career paths.
  • I liked how this session was more open-ended and discussion based. It really helped to hear other people’s comments/experiences in the audience.
  • I really liked that the panel asked audience members to share their experiences along with panel members. I learned just as much from the audience as I did from the panel and that made things really interesting and relevant to me.
  • It was great to hear personal stories – would have loved to have more panel members to share.
  • I left about a quarter of the way through. It just didn’t relate to my career.
  • This was a great session and I am glad that the research community is willing to help each other out to get the most out of their careers. I am in a science position off of campus and I didn’t even know that the “Researcher” title existed. I am excited to look for opportunities with that title. It was also nice to hear from women with differing backgrounds talk about how they managed their careers and were extremely successful while having families.
  • One could see from the info the panelists shared that everyone’s experience is unique.


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