Lab Management Community of Practice: Reflections on a UW Research Career

From bench top science to research administrative leadership

Donna Cole

January 17, 2019


  1. Importance of mentorship
    1. Connect with folks at seminars, start relationships
    2. Diversify your group of mentors
    3. Trustworthiness and proactivity
  2. Ask for more work
    1. Strong work ethic
    2. Ask questions
    3. Remain professional
    4. Balance workload by delegating when needed
  3. Network
    1. Get out of the lab
    2. Learn new skills
    3. Build a community of campus, pursue growth opportunities
  4. Be a lifelong learner
    1. Career counseling
    2. Training and free classes on campus
  5. You are smart enough!!
    1. Have confidence in your abilities!
    2. Your skills are specialized and valuable
    3. Problem solve
    4. Advocate for yourself


Questions to Reflect On:

  • ID 2-3 professional successes you’ve had in your life
    • What part did you play in those accomplishments?
  • What are my assets?
    • How did I gain these skills?
  • What challenges have I faced?
    • What did I learn?
  • ID 2-3 false assumptions
    • “I’m not smart enough”
  • What are my passions? What sparks joy for me?


Generously compiled by Micah Dombroe

Jan 2019 – Lab Management Community of Practice_ CareerPaths_DonnaCole

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