Christy Davidson

Credentials: Department of Soil Science - CALS

Position title: Senior Research Specialist


I am a Lab Manager in the Department of Soil Science, researching phosphorus recovery from municipal wastewater treatment plants in the form of brushite and nitrogen recovery by electrodialysis in the form of ammonium solutions, a position which I have held for 9 years, previously having worked at the US Dairy Forage Research Center. I have a passion for the development of environmental technologies from bench to full pilot scale – innovative research that will be commercialized to transform industry standards. I am grateful to the Lab Manager Community of Practice in developing a forum to share experiences of the many hats that lab managers wear and to foster community outside of my own lab. Outside of work, you’ll find me playing board or role playing games with my husband and 3 children, cooking and baking, and folding origami.