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Community driven best practices for lab management professionals at UW-Madison. Communities of practice serve many purposes. Collaborate with colleagues who share similar challenges. Share your expertise. Join us to discuss ways to optimize lab and core success. This community is for anyone who is in a lab management role including research labs, core labs and instructional labs.

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  • Overview of Lab Manager and Research Titles in the SJD Library

    Hosted by Karen Massetti-Moran karen.massettimoran@wisc.edu |www.hr.wisc.edu Teams Meeting Recording Overview of Lab Manager and Research Titles in the SJD Library January 18, 2022 11am – 12 pm Presentation Slides Lab Manager CoP 1.18.23 Meeting Minutes …

  • Purchasing for your Lab (Contracts and >$5,000 purchases)

    Presentation By Janet Bresnahan and Sarah Martin Presentation Video Lab Managers PresentationV2 Lakeside Glove Pricing Effective August 1, 2022 (1) The contract publication and pricing for the Lakeside Curative contract for gloves can be found …

  • In Person Tour of MSABD 11/16/22

    Thanks to all who came to tour the Meat Science and Animal Biologics Discovery Building and the USDA certified meat processing facility. Thanks to our host, Dan Mechenich and undergraduate Fox, who gave us a …

  • Freezer Inventory Panel – Teams 10/19/2022

    Here is the presentation from October 19, 2022 Teams meeting: Freezer Inventory Panel_Slide Deck_10192022   Recording: https://uwprod.sharepoint.com/sites/LabCoP/Shared%20Documents/General/Recordings/Meeting%20in%20_General_-20221019_110128-Meeting%20Recording.mp4?web=1   Transcript: Freezer Inventory Panel_Transcript_10192022    

  • How to purchase lab stuff – Teams 5/25/2022

    Here is the presentation from May 25, 2022 Teams meeting: How to Purchase Lab Stuff_05252022   Q&A (1) Non-Catalog Items: Tip sheet – https://uwservice.wisconsin.edu/docs/s/tipsheets/shop-purchase-a-non-catalog-item-shopper.pdf   (2) How to find your ROLE in the ShopUW+ system:   …

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